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5 fucking years

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it has been 5 fucking long years since i have updated my lj account.

and it's almost 4 in the fucking morning.

and i already cuss so much. 5 years and my last semester in college just served me cold hard bitch-ass final project.

i really want to go back writing and get my shit-ass final project done.

well, hello there livejournal. hello myself.

i just want to put a short story/poem or whatevs.


5 fucking years

dark night. a usual dark night.

my lips on your beauty, only the darkness could describe.

this is occasional but alluring. this being cannot stop devouring the beauty within the darkness.

the usual night does not feel usual anymore. kissing the beauty of yours does not.

what makes this so wrong is that i am kissing the dark. fulfilling my lust for the dark.

and what makes this usual again is

that i met another morning like you forget what happened.

hello, unattainable. i can't wait for the darker nights.


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