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all good things come to an end part 3

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The sun shone throughout the room. It was peaceful and calm. I really enjoyed it. Hugging her from the back while I was stroking her wavy blonde hair, admiring her beauty. Her face when she sleeps was so peaceful.

It's not like we had one night sex like others would do. We enjoyed last night by laying side by side, reminiscing our past. Like when the first time I knew that Jessica has this allergy to cucumbers. She jumped when i ask her if she wants some. We laughed the night. Staring at my room's ceiling while John Mayer was on repeat. It was simple yet memorable.

Then suddenly, i felt a stir from her head. Her hand stroke her sleepy eyes, awakened by the sun.

"Hey sleepyhead." I smiled to her still, hugging her back. She faced me, while her mouth stretched widely forming a beautiful smile.

The feeling of her beside me was really nice. Even 'nice' is an understatement. The feeling of her beside me makes me feel like i'll always have butterflies in my stomach. Those tingly feelings that no one can understand. The feeling of her beside me makes me feel like, i'm in love so deep.

Her brown orbs stared at me lovingly. Her eyes makes them look like they said "I love you. Don't ever let me go." Her stare was astonishing.

Then her stare changed into an unintelligible stare. Hey eyes started to wander around the ceiling.

"I'm leaving a week from now."

She faced me, hugging my waist with her tiny hands. Her eyes could tell me that,

"Why did i have to go?"


We were at the washroom. I was hugging her from the back, being playful while placing soft chaste kisses on her shoulder, neck and up to her right ear. She giggled at my actions, enjoying the little kisses i gave her. I wish we could be like this the whole time. Enjoying each other's presence everyday. Enjoying the love that i just received. We stare at each other through the reflection on the mirror.

"You know i love you right?"

"Not even a continent can break us apart" I said it with confident in my tone. I gave her little chaste kisses on her earlobe. Just to break the tension we're having.

She sighed as she took my hand to hers, clasping both our hands together, knowing what i meant.

"Can you handle all the circumstances if i'm not with you?" Her eyebrows twitched, giving a sign of worries.

Can we go through this?

Can we keep the love?

Will our love fade?

What i know is that, true Love will never fade. True Love is eternal. Nothing can break love apart. If you really love someone then your love is eternal. I don't actually believe in break-ups. What i definitely know is that, our love is eternal.

I was stroking the back of her palm, giving her sign to reassure that everything's going to be okay.

She was still tense. Then suddenly i saw her eyes glistening. Tears starting to to flow out from her beautiful brown eyes.

"I can live without you. But i just don't want to." I said while wiping the flowing tears from her eyes.

"I'll wait sica. I promise."


Finally, it's the day she left. I was busy helping her packing stuffs. She was pretty lousy. She was really tense. She was worried about us. And so sometimes i slipped some slapstick jokes so she wouldn't tense. Yet still i could 

catch some frown on her face.

She went to the airport with her parents. I drove my own car on the way there. When she had arrived, she texted me 

asking where am i. I was at the parking lot. Full of thoughts of our future. Then i knew how she felt about losing 

your love. Not actually losing but, there'll be distance. Long distance where she wouldn't be here by my side. My 

head filled with those thoughts. I shouldn't be worried about that. But jessica was about to leave.

I texted her back saying where i was. I was waiting in my car. I was waiting in agony. I was hoping that this time 

will be worth it. And then a couple minutes later i heard some knocks from my right front door. I unlocked my car's doors and she went in. She sat beside me. Not even saying a word. She faced me with another unintelligible stare. Then, she held my right hand, clasping it together.

Our minds spoke through our body. We kissed passionately. I jumped on to her seat and my hands started to wander around her back inside her tanktop. She was intoxicating. I could feel her lips quiver. I was nibbling my lips softly onto hers.

"Stop. People can see us."

"You should know that my car's window tint is black. No one will ever see us." I said to reassure her

I started to kiss her from herneck, down to her shoulders and to her chest where she still had her tanktop on. She threw her head back enjoying the kisses we had. She was weak under my touch.

Thankfully, the parking lot was secluded. And so i tried to pull her tanktop off of her. She wriggled her body to let me take the tanktop off of her. When it was off, i kissed her chest again and she started to roam her hands around my back. She moaned my name. The feeling when she moaned my name was ecstatic. I can feel my heartbeat beating so fast. I can feel a rush of blood inside my body. It was amazing.

Then suddenly her phone rang. It was her mom.

"Where are you? You need to catch your flight right now!"


"Be a good girl there, okay? Study well. You better bring good grades when you're home later okay? I love you."

Her mom gave her some advice and placed a kiss on her forhead.

"Mom, i'll go to toilet. Be right back. It won't take long."

"Okay, you better be fast!"

Jessica held my hands and she lead me to the toilet. Suddenly she pinned me to the wall and her lips clasped on mine, she kissed me passionately. She softly nibbled her lips on mine. When we ran out of breath, she placed her forhead on mine, staring at me lovingly. Her hands quiver as she took her hand onto mine. Clasping it together.

"I love you. I don't wanna leave you. Please" Her voice trembles as she pleaded me. It should be me who plead to her. Sometimes i feel like i'm dumb. I don't know anything to say to her but

"I love you too."

"Promise you'll never leave me. Promise you'll wait for me."

We went out from the toilet back to where her parents were. Our hands connected. It was time for her flight to board. She was already late. She finally went to check-in. I didn't feel like letting go. I still want her by my side. I still want to have some moments with her. It was just a week ago. A week ago when we finally revealed our true feelings. But why did she have to leave? Why did i only get to spend time with her for a week? Why was the embrace we share so short? Why was this happening to me?

Suddenly, i had this urge to scream at her. To call her back.


Another notes : okay kidding. not exactly. lol. there's an epilogue of this fic. but i won't promise you guys when :(

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On August 23rd, 2011 09:15 pm (UTC), renji29 commented:
aww~my heart~
why did jessica have to leave?
i hope the both of them will keep each other's promises...
and refrain themselves from falling for other people...
i want a happy ending...
thanks 4 d update!!
update real soooon!!
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