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all good things come to an end part 2

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notes: okay so im gonna write 3 (maybe 4) parts of this fic cause i know it's a bit incomplete and cause asianjoker  told me so. lol. un-beta-ed. and enjoy :)

It was already the end of semester. The end of senior year and was so close to prom night. They picked me as the DJ. I had been DJ-ing since junior year.

Therefore i went to the CD store near my school. I was looking for some nice music to party with. I searched stack by stack. I found some that i like and took them. Suddenly my eyes wandered to David Guetta's latest cd. I took it but then i see someone's hand took it too. Our hands touched. It felt like electricity. It was smooth. I bobbed my head up to see whose hand was it.

"Oh hey." I put on a bright smile as i release my hand from hers and the cd. I knew it was her.

She also smiled at me brightly. She was so attractive that day. She was wearing short shorts, a white plain tee and classic converse shoes. Long wavy brown hair and straight bangs. Some people might not find it attractive. But for me, she was the most attractive wearing only simple outfits. Her smile was bright. She patted my shoulder. Just like what an old friend would do. 
"Didn't expect you to be here." She smiled at me.

"Well, i'll be the DJ at school's prom. So yeah." I scratched my head though there's no itch. I feel the awkward vibe run through my body. I'm immobile whenever i'm with her these days.
"Didn't expect you to like David Guetta." I smiled awkwardly to her, trying to ease the awkward vibe that ran through my whole body. She chuckled at me and she let out a girly laugh.
"Silly. I party too. Hard." She laughed. "Well, little DJ you got your prom date already?" She asked me curiously. Eyebrows twitched and her arms around my shoulders. I felt unease. The blood rushing through my whole body as she touched me. It actually felt nice. I can feel my face flushed. But i looked down so she wouldn't notice my red flushing face. Then courage overtook me as i turned my head up to face her.
"Nah. You know i'm the DJ right? So, no. How about you, princess?" I took some courage to smile at her.
She wrinkled her nose. It was a cute gesture from her. I smiled seeing her cute gesture.
"No? No date yet?" I asked with my eyebrows twitched. She shook her head saying no. 
"Are you serious? i thought you already have so many guys to go with you?" I smiled as i tease her. She punched my shoulder softly and chuckled.
"So, you want this cd too?" I asked holding the cd. She faced me and nodded.
"I'll pay."
It was dark, the lights were dim. Everyone inside the school's hall were busy preparing for the prom night.  Some was preparing drinks and snacks, some was preparing the decorations. The atmosphere was nice. 
I was only wearing a tee, black skinny jeans, red hoodie and red Nike shoes. I was preparing my turntable. Setting the equalizer and all. I did some sound checking. I prepared my precious especially made for DJ-ing sennheiser headphone. I hung it around my neck.
Then something wandered around my mind. It was her. 
What kind of guy she'd bring later?
What would she look like? 
Who would she be with?
My mind struck with so many questions about her. I walked away from my booth to get some drinks. I stood there to relax myself.

It has finally started. The heat was on. School's hall was crowded, full of people. Everyone was so hyped about tonight's prom. I put David Guetta's Toyfriend. I toyed with the synthesizer. Everyone was cheering. I liked it. I liked the cheers from them. I feel the hype rushing through my body as i jump with the flow. It was tense, everyone was dancing, bumping on each other, bodies grind and it was starting to get hotter. I put my headphone on my ears and nodding my head to the sound of the music. This is why i DJ. I like all the hype that ran all over the place. I like the music that was making my body move by itself. I put my hands up. Everyone was roaring. I smiled with satisfaction as i see all the people there enjoy the music.
Then something caught my eyes. It was her. She finally came. 
She was gorgeous. She wore short black satin dress with Jimmy Choo heels on her feet. She was glamorous and tempting. And surprisingly, she was by herself. No dates at all. I was slightly happy. 
But then i see her frowning. She turns her head left and right looking for somebody. But then she turns her head straight and saw me. She waved at me, smiling. I smiled back, satisfied that she noticed me.
She chatted with her friends in front of the snacks table. She smiled throughout the conversation. Then someone pulled her hand whispering to her ear. She shyly shook her head left and right. But then her friend whispered to her ear again. Maybe she was convincing her or something? i'll never know.
Then suddenly her friend pulled her to the dancefloor. I changed the song to the Instrumental version of Wynter Gordon's Dirty Talk. She seemed like she knew the song already. She started it slow, nodding her head up and down following the rhythm of the song. She started to sway her hips.

Left and right, left and right.
I was blank, immobile and shocked of what i see. I never knew that she knows how to party. All i knew was that she was a dork who does silly things like writing "taeyeon <3 jessica" inside a heart that she made on my workbook.
Then she started to raise her hands up feeling the beat. Then her hand slid down from her exposed collarbone, down to her stomach.
It felt so hot. I was really blank. I didn't budge at all. My eyes wandered around her and only her. I could feel blood rushing through my body. Fast.
Tonight's gonna be a long night.
It was finally the end of the prom night. No more bodies grinding, no more loud music, no more people. Most of the lights were off. The hall was a mess. There were only 2 old men who were cleaning the whole mess. But then again,
I was slightly sad.
Where is she?
I only sighed and started to pack back all my equipments. I went to the parking lot and put all my equipments into my car's garage.
"Hey.." A sweet voice was calling me silently. It was her. Surprised, i turned my body to face her. She was smiling at me.

"Oh hey. I thought you're going home already."  I questioned her with my eyebrows furrowed. She smiled and said
"I wanna spend sometime with my bestfriend."
I chuckled silently.

We went to the 24/7 fast food restaurant and went to a park near there. We walked there with taco in our hands. It was late. There's only the two of us. The cold wind ran through us. It was soft though. We then sat on a bench.
"The sky's beautiful isn't it?" She asked me. Her eyes wandered through the sky. It was dark. But the moon was shining.
I looked at her, smiling, "God's creation is always beautiful."
Then she looked at me in the eyes. We both look at each other's eyes. Her brown orbs wandered at mine. It was cozy. Her eyes were soft. My heart actually jumped inside, but i tried to be cool.
I broke our gaze and broke the silence, 
"Uhh, hey! It's getting late and i'm sure you're tired. Let me ride you home." I tried to act cool. 
She nodded slowly, smiling at me. We walked to the parking lot. Suddenly, when we were about to reach my car, her hand pulled mine. My heart jumped. And once again i feel the rush inside my body.
"I'm going to study abroad." She looked down and was fidgeting her fingers. My eyes were opened wide. Surprised.
"Paris? Really?"
She nodded. Then silence overtook us. It was only our eyes who had the talk.
"Wow congrats. I'm happy tha--"
My words were cut off by her. She pulled me to her embrace and kissed my lips passionately, lovingly, longingly. My mouth parts and i let her tongue in. Then she cut the kiss. We stared at each other lovingly. The atmosphere was calm.
"Je t'aime"

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On June 29th, 2011 07:06 pm (UTC), noordinarylife commented:
*sigh* All good things come to an end indeed. Holy crap, she's leaving @__@

Cool story you've got here. Hope you update soon ^^
* * *
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On June 30th, 2011 01:23 pm (UTC), razor_funkydude commented:
Oh... Such a tease of a cliffhanger... ^_^ can't wait for the next one...
* * *
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On July 1st, 2011 07:15 am (UTC), renji29 commented:
jessica's leaving?
well at least they know that they love each other....
hmm...hope taeyeon will come with her...kekeke!!!
uhmm...can u put me to ur pm list?if u have one that is...
update sooooooon!!
* * *
On September 4th, 2011 10:49 pm (UTC), mylifeisfup commented:
I feel guilty. I actually thought they were going to do it - in the car -_- (Would be nice though. Looool.)
Anyway, I wonder how are you gonna end this multishot. Maybe spice it up? Since there are pretty much a lot of fanfics there with the same premise.
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