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Cupid's Arrow

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Notes : Again playing with the drabble matic. but right now, i got inspiration from it. i personally liked this one. lol.

Taeyeon paced up and down, rubbing her arm because of the cold weather. Her very good friend, Choi Sooyoung, had arranged to meet her here at the theater. "I have something really amusing to show you." she had said.

Choi Sooyoung was late, which was very unlike her. Any moment now, Taeyeon expected to see her come.

Taeyeon heard footsteps, but they seemed rather nice, delicate and loveable for a girl like Sooyoung, whose tread was loud and boyish. She turned around and found Jessica staring at her.

"What are you doing here?" Jessica asked hastily. "I thought you said you didn't want to see me again." Taeyeon had said that, but now she was beginning to wish she hadn't acted so angrily.

"Choi Sooyoung asked to meet me here." As she gazed at jessica, her heart began to throb frantically. Lips becoming dry. She was unable to move and immobile.

"That wretch purposedly asked me to come here." Jessica whispered to herself, quietly. "I'll just go then."

"Wait," Taeyeon said and caught Jessica by her smooth arms. "I was wrong. I still love you. I miss you and thought of you every night. Will you forgive me?"

Jessica actually stood there freezing. Not knowing what to do after Taeyeon's confession.

"It's my fault. I'm sorry for being overprotective. I realised that.. without you, I'm nothing." Taeyeon told the truth. Days without Jessica were hell. Even once Taeyeon tried to sleep with other girl, She knows that Jessica will be the only one in her mind. Even once Taeyeon got drunk and all she wanted to do was to forget Jessica, She couldn't.

Taeyeon was never fell out of love with Jessica.

"Do you know how much i've been waiting for this to actually happen?" jessica said, smiling. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed, like two normal lovebrids missing each other's embrace.

From behind a Food stall, Choi Sooyoung watched calmly with her deep brown eyes. She took a list out of her pocket, and checked off "Taeyeon/jessica". Then, she skipped off to help another embittered woman to find love. Again
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